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Byzantian Relics Tour

BYZANTIAN RELICS TOUR (Half Day Morning) (TOUR 1) ST. SOPHIA This ancient basilica, built by Constantine the Great in the


Ottoman Relics Tour

OTTOMAN RELICS TOUR (Half Day Afternoon) (TOUR 2) TOPKAPI PALACE The great imperial palace of the Ottoman sultans from the


Byzantian Ottoman Relics Tour

BYZANTIAN & OTTOMAN RELICS TOUR (Full Day Tour / Lunch Included) (TOUR 3) Tour of “Sultan Ahmet Square”, the heart


Timeks Anatolia Suites Sultanahmet

[dropcap]Timeks[/dropcap] Anatolia Suites is tailored for families or group of friends that wants to have the advantage of staying as

Timeks Hotel Sultanahmet

Timeks Hotel is a boutique style hotel located one block away from Sultanahmet Square yet is quite and away from