Byzantian Ottoman Relics Tour

BYZANTIAN & OTTOMAN RELICS TOUR (Full Day Tour / Lunch Included) (TOUR 3)

Tour of “Sultan Ahmet Square”, the heart of the “Old City” that houses the UNSECO world heritage sites all around from where the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires were ruled.
byzantian-ottoman-tours-timeks-tourSt. Sophia, one of the greatest marvels of architecture, constructed as a basilica in the 4th century by Constantine the great.
The Blue Mosque, facing Hagia Sophia, famous with its blue Iznik tiles and unique with 6 minarets, built in the name of Sultan Ahmet.
The Hippodrome, center of sportive (chariot races, athletics) events, social life and political activities of Constantinople, and later Istanbul. Obelisk of Theodosius, Serpentine Column, German Fountain of Wilhelm II are the monuments that decorate Hippodrome.
Grand Bazaar, Most attractive shopping center and biggest “souk” in the world with nearly 4000 shops selling antiques, jewellery, gold, carpets, leatherware and souvenirs.
Topkapi Palace, Imperial residence of Ottoman Sultans exhibiting Chinese porcelain, Imperial jewels, weapons, calligraphy along with the muslim holy-mantel.
Treasury and Harem sections are not included in the program and are subject to extra fee.
Suleymaniye Mosque, masterpiece of architect Sinan, the chief architect of the Ottoman Empire, built in the name of Suleyman The Magnificent during the 16th. century, considered as the best amongst the imperial mosques.
We kindly request our guests to be ready 10 minutes before departure time, 30% discount for children below the age 7, free for the ages 0-2,
Hagia Sophia on Monday Replaced with Underground Cistern
Topkapi Palace on Tuesday Replaced with Underground Cistern
Grand Covered Bazaar on Sunday